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Royal petrol offers an entire range of car wash and car care servicing to your convenience. All services are provided using the best European equipment and up-to-date, qualitative and safe car care products of the industry leading producers.

We are happy to offer you a wide range of the following car care services at Royal Petrol car washes:

  • Body washing
  • Compartment washing
  • Engine washing
  • Polishing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Bitumen removal
  • Touch-free washing

Car wash equipment includes a number of accessories that enables using of car wash equipment in a comfort and qualitative manner. Car wash will keep your car clean and in good order.

Our addresses:

  1. 169 Ryskulov Avenue at Sain Street, tel.: 381- 37- 59
  2. 103/13 Ryskulov Avenue (Massaget) tel.: 275-82-44
  3. 432 Raiymbek Avenue, tel.: 386-82-77
  4. 82/2 Zhumabayev Street, microdistrict Ainabulak, tel.: 232-98-15
  5. 14/29 Sholokhov Street, tel.:224-42-37 
  6. 99/1 Dostyk Avenue, tel.: 262-72-12 
  7. 157 G Suyunbay Avenue 
  8. 27 V Baitursynov Street, tel.: 233-10-45
  9. 6/3 microdistrict Kolkhozshi, Turksib District, tel.:232-70-53
  10. 262 Rozybakiev Street
  11. 186 B microdistrict Aksay 3, Auyezov District,tel.:385-45-21
  12. Avat, Enbekshikazakh District, Almaty region, tel.: 391-44-96
  13. Rakhat, Enbekshikazakh District, Almaty region, tel.: 306-98-57 
  14. Kargauyldy, Karasay District, Almaty region, tel.:308-21-90
  15. 23 km of Almaty-Bishkek road, Karasay District, Almaty region, tel.:308-12-71
  16. Almaty-Talgar road, Tuzdybastau, Almaty region, tel.: 306-89-08, tel.306-89-08
  17. 9 km of Almaty-Kokpek road, Almaty region (Kuldzha highway), tel.;385-04-70
  18. 10A Baiserke, 25 km of Almaty-Kapchagai road, Almaty region, tel.: 389-60-30
  19. 159 A Gagarin Street, Taldykurgan, Almaty region, tel.:8(7282)22-01-38 
  20. 260 Zhansugurov Street, Taldykurgan, Almaty region, tel.:8(7282)41-11-34

You will have the best combination of price and quality through cooperation with us:

  • use of professional equipment only
  • up-do-date washing and car care products
  • trained personnel having many-years experience

High quality and quick car washing at any Royal Petrol LLP gas station! If you have any questions or willing to execute an agreement please contact Company’s managers by +7 (727) 383-18-82 or send an e-mail to

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