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Royal Petrol LLP is involved in the following charity events:

Charity support to Almaty City Public Utility Enterprise DOM VETERANOV (board and care facility)

The Victory Day is one of the most commonly celebrated holidays in our country; this is the memorial day for remembering the people who saw the Great Patriotic War. Charity events are held on the eve of this great holiday, which are celebrated both in all cities and towns of Kazakhstan and all countries of the former Soviet Union. This holiday we pay a tribute to those veterans who have survived and remember those who died on battlefields. Each of us is committed to help those people who gave their lives for the peace in our Motherland. The charity event dedicated to May 9 has become a good tradition for Royal Petrol LLP. This day Company’s representatives celebrate and render every assistance and attention to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Charity support to the City Specialized Children's Home No.2

Every year Royal Petrol LLP provides charity support to City Specialized Children's Home No.2 being the home for 62 children aged below five. The most of these children suffer with different central nervous system and peripheral nervous system diseases and congenital defects. A part of the children permanently live here due to certain financial and housing difficulties of their parents.

Every year providing charity support to Children's Home No.2 we strive for improving lives of children and sharing our care and warmth they are lacking.

Charity support to public utility enterprise on the basis of economic control rights Children Emergency Care Center of the Almaty Healthcare Department.

Every year Royal Petrol provides charity support and purchases medical goods for the hospital and items which are needed and sometimes are vital for comprehensive treatment of children.

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