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Gasoline coupons is a mode of payment for gasoline and diesel fuel at Royal Petrol’s Gas filling stations. This is a comfortable, profit-making and well-proved mode of cashless payments that makes fuel and lubricants receipt, accounting and withdrawal procedure very simple.

Royal Petrol coupons meet international standards and have a number of protection levels. Each fuel coupon has its unique bar-code, which makes it possible to maintain a piece count thereof. Coupons also bear type of fuel and nominal value. Nominal value is the number of gasoline or diesel fuel liters that may be fueled at Gas filling station in exchange of the fuel coupon. Coupon nominal value is 10, 20 or 50 liters. Validity of each coupon is two months from signing a relevant expenditure invoice. Expired coupons shall be found null and void and will not be accepted in Gas filling stations.

The system generates fuel filling reports on every coupon due to introduction of information technologies, therefore, you will always be aware of the place, time and volume of fuel filled using your coupons.

To be served using coupons you need to:

  • Execute an agreement and obtain an invoice;
  • Pay for fuel and lubricants on the invoice;
  • Legal entities shall issue a power of attorney for obtaining of coupons, and individuals shall ID card and RTN.

Coupon advantages:

  • Use of coupons enables you to avoid of cash payments, optimize accounting and obtain a guarantee for filling your car with high quality fuel at any of the wide network of Royal Petrol gas stations.
  • Convenient nominal values of coupons;
  • Optimization of oil product consumption accounting due to provision of coupon fuel filling reports.
  • Sophisticated system protects fuel coupons against forgery.
  • Availability of bar code on fuel coupons enables you to maintain an automatic accounting of coupons.

Fuel filling using coupons at any of Royal Petrol’s gas stations is an easy and quick solution! If you have any questions or willing to execute an agreement please contact Company’s managers by +7 (727) 383-17-87.

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