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RP e-card is a convenient, profit-making and modern solution that enables relevant card holders to make cashless payment for fuel and lubricants in the uniform network of Royal Pertrol Gas filling stations. Our Company is consistent with the modern trends that require better mobility and offers successful solutions for your business.

Smart card is protected with individual PIN code – a secret digital code (four-digit number) manually entered by its holder. Card holder shall be the only person who knows PIN. Smart card provides for a limited number of code entry attempts, whereupon the card will be blocked and not usable. The card can be unblocked in the subscription office. You must have a letter from relevant organization and the card.

Smart card is the property of Royal Petrol LLP and shall be returned upon its expiry. Cards are issued for temporary use without the subscription fee. In case of card loss or damage, the client shall pay the cost of the card and obtain a new one, thus the balance of the lost or damaged card will be transferred to the new one.

If necessary it is possible to set a daily or monthly limit and have detailed reports on Gas filling station transactions on any or all smart cards, which is comfortable in case of a number of cars in any particular organization or several cars within one family!

Smart card balance may be either in liters or in cash:

  • electronic RP cards (in liters): once paid the client will have as many branded RP cards as it/he/she needs showing liters with a full fixing of price, grade and volume of fuel. You may obtain a detailed report of all transactions on client’s cards within calendar month.
  • electronic RP cards (in cash): once paid the client will have as many branded RP cards as it/he/she needs preliminary credited with cash, i.e. each time the card is used for car fueling a relevant amount equal to the fuel price as of the day of fueling will be withdrawn from the card.

For servicing of individuals on RP e-cards:

  1. ID card (copy);
  2. E-card cost payment.

For servicing of legal entities on RP e-cards:

  1. Execute an agreement;
  2. Obtain invoice;
  3. Power of attorney for gasoline.

Smart card advantages:

  • Receipt of a detailed invoice report showing transactions on all smart cards during the expired calendar month. This reporting system makes every transaction using smart card transparent and makes it possible to control expenses on fuel and lubricants.
  • Saving of time for going to Royal Petrol subscription office since application and invoice will be sent by fax and once the invoice is paid a relevant amount will be remotely credited to the smart card.

You issue an application in writing by fax or e-mail and our employees will provide you a prepayment invoice. Once payment is made the smart card will be remotely replenished. i.e. automatic crediting of smart cards without the need to present them personally in our office.

Fuel filling using RP e-cards at any of Royal Petrol’s gas stations is an easy and quick solution! If you have any questions or willing to execute an agreement please contact Company’s managers by +7 (727) 383-17-87.

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